Ever since I was just a small child, ignorant in the ways of the world, I’ve always wanted to be a world-renowned scientist, some genius inventor, or perhaps a great polymath who would one day grow be famous all over the world for generations like Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin.

After destroying a humidity gauge in an experiment when I was six and electrocuting myself with my own voltage amplifier, I decided that the road to fame and fortune was probably not going to be quite as smooth as I had anticipated.

Nevertheless, I retained my unquenchable interest in the sciences and have never failed to be captivated by mind-boggling new facts or scientific theories. Whether they be related to quantum mechanics, hypnosis or evolutionary psychology, I’ve always been obsessed with finding out how things work and where they came from.

Now I would never dream of suggesting that I am especially intelligent or knowledgeable; I simply have a never-ending curiosity that makes me constantly research and learn about anything that tickles my fancy. In that process I have stumbled across some truly amazing things, and I would like nothing better than to share them with you all.

In this blog you will find posts about all the fascinating things I have come across. They will most likely be related to a very wide range of topics and I sincerely hope that you will find at least some of them interesting for you. My aim is to be able to explain scientific theories to those uninitiated on the topic while, at the same time, keeping my posts interesting to those with a scientific background.

Thanks for passing by,


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